Could Comprehensive Ortho be
done in just about 20 weeks
with just one-wire?
  • Non-Extraction
  • Root Parallelism
  • For Children & Adults

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Innovative Design
Proven Technology
Independently Researched

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Fastbraces® is changing the world of dentistry

Seminars available around the world!
FREE TRAINING for Practice Owners (in select countries)
Fastbraces® Provider Training

With the Fastbraces® Dentist FREE TRAINING (for practice owners) Program, you and your assistants will learn how to apply the revolutionary braces technology that has put Fastbraces® on the map around the world. You too, can become a part of this revolution. — Learn more...

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Benefits of Fastbraces® Technology

  • Just ONE-WIRE from start to finish.
  • Technical Support.
  • For Children and Adults.
  • Finish in a Few Visits from 3 months to about a year.
  • Comprehensive Ortho in Months (In some cases Just Weeks!).
  • Non-Extraction Braces Therapy.
— Learn more...

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Independent University Research

Fastbraces® Technology has undergone university research and testing around the world to ensure safety and optimal performance for patients. Please click here to view the research. — Learn more...

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Sponsored Events

Fastbraces® was the proud sponsor of the 2014 Dentistry Show in Birmingham, UK.

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